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Our Core Values

Laser Focus

In a world of distraction, focus is key. We have strong mindsets at Be a Legend and have the mental ability to give 100 percent of our attention to the task we have prioritized in the present moment, providing laser focus to the task at hand. We are good at what we do because of our discipline, commitment and laser focus that’s within Be a Legend’s culture.

Embody Trust

Be a Legend’s foundation is built upon trust and honesty. The relationships we develop with our clients and throughout our organization are built on trust that we embody as a company. Trust is fundamental to the genuine success of any kind. We put our trust in clients, clients put their trust in us. It’s fundamental to an ongoing successful partnership.


Awareness, focus, learning and resiliency are the key components to developing a growth mindset with defined, clear goals. Pushing our minds to outer limits, thinking outside the box and developing solutions that are unique for our clients is how we strive to be better and what we are known for at Be a Legend.


The Client experience first. Always. The experience we provide our clients is why Be a Legend is so highly regarded. We make our clients' lives easier and always find solutions to client problems.

Never Give Up

Inspired by Sir Winston Churchill with his famous words, “Never, Never, Never Give Up”. Believing in yourself, pursuing goals with persistence, purpose and dedication and ‘making it happen’ is why Be a Legend is different and bold with our ideas. We believe a never give up attitude is critical for success. We believe in being extraordinary. We don’t wait for things to happen. We make things happen.


We always do what we say we are going to do. Be dependable to each other and contribute to one another's success. Encourage, promote positivity, be a leader.

Next level strategy for your business

Be a Legend is a digital marketing agency that utilizes business strategy to help you get legendary results with your digital marketing campaigns. We aren’t in the business of selling you a generic digital marketing service like most agencies. We take a 30,000 foot view and in-depth look at your business goals and a range of other factors to ultimately help you increase brand awareness, get you noticed in front of the audience that matters and ultimately drive revenue.


Our Unique Approach

Digital marketing transformation is about more than just marketing material. It’s about positioning the right marketing strategy at the right time in front of the right audience. It’s our vision to change the way businesses approach digital marketing by using business strategy to dictate marketing strategy.

We don’t follow other digital marketing agencies and we don’t offer services based on what a client believes they need. We carry out a deep dive analysis to identify the gaps and ensure your pain points are addressed with a solution that builds a strategy for the long term.

We Started Be A Legend to Help Businesses Like Yours

The source of our passion is simple. To help you sustain and grow the business to the level you desire. We view ourselves as your partner, not as a third party hired to help with one or two marketing campaigns. We choose to only work with one company in your industry within a certain radius to ensure a conflict of interest does not occur with your competition.


Aside from being a digital business, helping companies grow their online presence, Be a Legend is based in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, having fantastic access to a major airport to meet with our clients in person if preferred to help businesses grow nationwide within the United States as well as internationally. Be a Legend also has an office in Dallas, Texas. We are passionate about helping you and your business grow.

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What do our clients have to say?

Lara, Eric and the whole BAL team is awesome! We have received nothing but positive results from all their efforts. They really know what they are doing and continually exceed our expectations. Highly recommend - You MUST give this company a chance if your looking to take your business to the next level.
Kathy, S.
Managing Director, Home Services
Team work makes the dream work! BAL has done an amazing job with our website and with our SEO. Looking forward to getting it even more dialed in. If you're looking for a new team, look no further.
Scott, M.
Founder and Owner , Home Services
Lara and her team were excellent to work with. They were very communicative and got the job done! I highly recommend.
Katie, H.
Marketing and Communications Manager, Financial Services
Lara is a high energy executive who effectively combines a skill for listening and learning with digital marketing knowledge and expertise that business leaders need. Be A Legend invested an incredible amount of time learning about our business needs before creating a thoughtful proposal that was designed to solve for our objectives.
Jim, G.
Executive Chairman, Healthcare Company
Be A Legend is an exceptional digital marketing company that focuses on their Clients' business requirements and provides strategic marketing programs. Their ROI on marketing campaigns is superior for mid-size companies. Highly recommended!
Bill, S.
Founder and CEO, Healthcare Company
This team is knowledgeable, attentive, and gets to the heart of our company's needs. Their reporting of results are concise and include helpful graphics data results. If you value personable and non-generic service, this is the team to connect yourself with.
Denise T,
CEO, Retail Business
The team at Be A Legend, Inc were absolutely amazing to work with. Very professional and delivered 100%. Highly recommend this company.
Tracey, S.
VP of Marketing, Home Services
Be A Legend is the first marketing company that we have worked with that has delivered everything that was promised us. Great company!
Matt, N.
CIO, Home Services
I've worked with a variety of digital marketing agencies in the past, but none have been able to generate the kind of results that Be A Legend has. Amazing return on investment. Highly recommended!
Kim, W.
VP of Marketing, Healthcare Company

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“Be A Legend is an exceptional digital marketing company that focus on their Clients’ business requirements and provides strategic marketing programs. Their ROI on marketing campaigns is superior for mid size companies. Highly recommended!”

Bill S.

Founder & CEO