Geofencing can help 
Elicit Engagement
Improve Brand Awareness
Drive Leads

Geofencing can help

Drive More Leads
Elicit Engagement
Improve Brand Awareness

Geofencing: The smart way to spend marketing dollars and attract the right audience.


Geofencing Services

Geofencing is a unique way to get your brand in front of the audience that matters most to you. Geofencing marketing helps you drive more leads, elicit engagement, and improve your brand awareness. Use geofencing for events and capture your target market without even physically being present. Geofencing can also be used for target locations such as a building that you know your competitors clients’ visit. It is the ethical way to capture your competitors’ clients.

With geofencing, you can track your target audience when they enter the location you want to capture and get your ads and brand in front of that audience at the right time who are already interested in what you offer and even up to 30 days after they have entered the location you geofenced. Geofencing is the innovative marketing tool of today and is used as part of a larger marketing strategy to complement existing marketing efforts.

Extend to Geotargeting

Targeting Clients by location using cities and zip codes

Geotargeting allows businesses to target an audience in a specific geographic location. It can also be used for online and offline marketing campaigns, and it is often used in conjunction with other marketing strategies, such as demographic targeting or behavior targeting while complementing other existing marketing efforts. 



Geotargeting can be an effective way to reach clients who are more likely to be interested in your service offering. It can also help you save budget by investing marketing spend in a focused area where your target market is located!


Geofencing using OTT

Advertise with Geofencing on connected OTT (Over the Top TV) such as Netflix, Amazon, Roku, Sling, Hulu and many more

Reach a wider audience who are interested in your services due to their likes and interests, websites they have clicked on, and target your ideal audience with smart marketing spend.

Geofencing is the Innovative Marketing Tool of Today.

Increase your brand awareness and engagement dramatically with Geofencing and Geotargeting!

Hunt or Be Hunted.

Be a Legend Geofencing Services

Company survival begins by understanding what it takes to adapt to the changing landscape of the market and which technologies are needed to help businesses evolve. Utilizing Geofencing Services with Be a Legend will help to revolutionize your business and help you get the lion’s share of your market.

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