With digital marketing advertising, we can help you exceed your goal. This includes Social Media Marketing, such as Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing as well as Google Ads.


Digital advertising is much more than simply running an ad on a social media platform.


With traditional advertising like television, radio or newspapers, or direct mail, you place an ad and hope people are listening at the time your ad is aired or hope they read the section of the paper in which your ad was placed, or don’t throw your direct mail away in the trash before reading it.




With digital advertising, we can target the specific people you want to attract to your business, allowing you to retain control. If you want Phoenix residents with air conditioning problems to contact your company, you can create an ad that will be shown only to Phoenix residents who have searched online for air conditioning topics.


If you want to promote a women’s health center in Phoenix or a sub-region of Phoenix, we can create an ad to target females in the Phoenix area or that sub area and can even narrow it down by age group and medical specialty. Also, digital advertising allows you to set the advertising price. Together, we can set a daily spending budget, starting with just a few dollars. Therefore, you always know your advertising spend and never run the risk of going over your set budget.


We can create a buying funnel for your business by using ads. We can use call tracking for ads which means that we always know where a lead came from to help you better understand your target audience and which advertising funnels are working more effectively. This means we capture customers for you at different levels and drive them towards purchasing from you or using your services.




Capturing potential customers in the early stages can be done with search engine optimization. Meaning, we help you get to the top of searches carried out by potential customers. Studies show that over 40% of Google searches are for a local service. We concentrate heavily on getting you in the top 3 of the Google My Business Map Pack listing, which is always featured above others’ websites. This is the most crucial and essential part of any local SEO, to ensure you are featured in the top 3 of the Google My Business listings within your local area.


If someone searches Google for “Plumber near me” or “Tree trimmer in Phoenix”, we know how to get your business to show up at the top of the search results.


Online optimization has flipped advertising upside down. Instead of traditional methods in which you must search for the customer, the customer is now searching for you. Traditional advertising doesn’t allow you to engage and interact with the customer like you can with digital marketing. Furthermore, you are not wasting any marketing dollars on an audience that is not interested in your services.


We can customize your digital advertising and optimization plan to include Google My Business, metatags, keyword and image optimization, and content creation.




If you are still on the fence, wondering if traditional advertising will give you the best return on your investment, that’s okay. We did some research, though, and found something you may find interesting.


In a recent study of marketing decision-makers for businesses, 82% of the respondents reported they will be increasing their digital marketing budget for this next year. The reason for the increase was because they got more for their money when using digital advertising.


Their website traffic, conversion rate and leads generated saw big increases.


These leaders know how important it is to keep up with the changing times, especially in the digital advertising world. This is where the customers are now. Even if they are watching television, it’s likely in a digital format.


Additional research showed 70% of consumers want to read content about products and services first rather than talking to someone on the phone. And, over 60% of consumers purchased with a company after watching a marketing video on Facebook.




Right now, people are home due to a nationwide health scare. While people are afraid to leave their homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this doesn’t mean they have stopped shopping, looking for local services, and socializing. They are simply doing all this through virtual means and online.


Today is the day to start advertising digitally. We can help you increase brand awareness for your business, generate leads, and improve sales. We do this by finding the people who are interested in your services, targeting them with specific ads we create with our awesome design team and ensure that these get in front of the customers you are trying to attract for conversion.


We can help you pull in customers who are already searching for the services you provide. We influence them to contact you, choose you to provide services, and enter into a long-term relationship with your company.


We help you build a relationship with your customers through various means which we are happy to discuss with you and educate you on how we do this.


On top of all that, digital advertising gives you data and feedback, already calculated, to help you analyze your advertising progress and determine where your budget is best spent.


It is the most important time in your business life to ensure that you increase your online presence as well as social media engagement through Social Media Marketing and connect with your customers and potential customers during the COVID_19 outbreak in Arizona.




You may be thinking all of this sounds expensive. Just the opposite. There is a digital ads marketing plan for every budget.


You no longer must meet the rates set forth by the radio station or the newspaper advertising department. You tell us what you want to spend, we create the plan to get you the highest return for your money.


It’s a win-win for both of us.


Contact Be a Legend Inc today to be educated on how to best utilize Digital Ads to your advantage and leverage the existing business you have to greater heights. 


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